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  • Enjoy gentle, even support for your lower back so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Easy to carry and store, thanks to its lightweight and foldable design.

  • Crafted using premium-quality natural materials for maximum comfort.

  • Proudly made in Japan, bringing you premium craftsmanship and lasting durability.

Why You'll Love Our Products

  • Futons

    Our futons feature a unique diamond quilting technique that helps disperse pressure to prevent back pain. They're lightweight, easy to store, and affordable, making them a popular choice for many.

  • Tatami Mats

    Crafted in Kyushu, Japan, our tatami mats are made from high-quality rushes. They offer the perfect balance of firmness for wooden floors and the authentic texture of traditional tatami. Lightweight and portable, they're designed to fit seamlessly into any space.

  • Tatami Mat Pads

    Our Tatami Mat Pads are meticulously woven from high-density rushes to provide a texture that feels almost like a sheet. They regulate moisture to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment, ensuring a restful and healthy sleep.

About Us

At Fuli Japan, we're committed to enriching your life by offering comfortable and healthy sleeping solutions. Our authentic Made in Japan products are designed to ensure you enjoy the restful sleep you deserve.