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Welcome to FULI Official online store!
Welcome to

FULI official online store!

FULI is a brand that sells high quality Japanese FUTON & TATAMI mat.

We propose a FUTON life that makes you smile every day with the highest quality materials & the reliable skills of Japanese craftsmen.

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Relax barefoot

FULI's TATAMI, which can be folded in three, is available in 6sizes.
It's also possible to combine multiple pieces of TATAMI & spread them all over the room!

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions & answers from our customers.

Brand Story


Our brand FULI is operated by Fuli Japan Co., Ltd. a Japanese company founded in 2015.

We manufacture high-quality comfortable Shiki FUTONs, cover sheets, eco-friendly TATAMI mats made with the best materials & Japanese craftsmanship that match the American lifestyle.