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Japanese brand


Better Sleep. Better Life.

Our brand FULI is operated by Fuli Japan Co., Ltd. a Japanese company founded in 2015.

We manufacture high-quality comfortable Shiki FUTONs, cover sheets & eco-friendly TATAMI mats made with the best materials and Japanese craftsmanship that match the American lifestyle.
*Shiki FUTON is a traditional Japanesestyle mattress.It is a padded mattress with no springs.

About FUTON products

Pursuit of excellent materials
FULI'sFUTON & sheets that touch the skin are made of high-quality 100% cotton that feels good to the touch and absorbs sweat. FUTON inside material is made by TEIJIN LIMITED.

Japanese craftsmanship
We are pursuing a comfortable sleep with a manufacturing method that achieves a body pressure distribution effect that matches the physique of Americans. Kyoto craftsmen dye the cotton, and Kyushu craftsmen sew it.

About TATAMI products

Pursuit of excellent materials
The natural igsa(rush) used for tatami mats is from Kumamoto in Kyushu. It is a traditional area cultivated since 1338.

Japanese craftsmanship
Tatami mats are made according to the size of the futon and finished by craftsmen using Japanese threads and bonds.Without using any chemical coloring agents, craftsmen carefully dye with natural mud & manufacture each one.

USA Amazon ranking

No.1 seles!

Thanks to you, we are currently the No. 1 seller in the futon/tatami category on the Amazon ranking in the United States. Amazon reviews are also posted at the bottom of each product page on this site.

Fuli Japan Co., Ltd.

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