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Easy to Use

Enjoy a cool and refreshing sleep by placing your futon on a tatami mat, even during hot summer nights. If you don't have tatami, simply use it on a bed frame or wooden flooring without gaps for a comfortable night's rest.

Firm Spinal Support

Our futons are crafted with diamond quilting, a unique sewing technique that evenly distributes body pressure. This ensures the futon maintains its shape and support over time, preventing uneven wear and pressure points on your back. You'll enjoy consistent comfort and relief from lower back pain night after night.

Light, Foldable, Portable

Designed to be lightweight without compromising functionality, our futons are perfect for temporary or frequent use. Whether you have guests over, need to sleep separately when you're feeling under the weather, or are heading out for a camping trip, our futon is a convenient solution.

After use, simply fold it up and store it in a closet or small storage space. Its compact design makes it ideal for small apartments or homes with limited space.

Breathable Cotton Surface

Our futons' outer layer and surface are made from 100% cotton to provide a soft, skin-friendly sleeping surface. Cotton's high moisture absorption helps keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night, preventing that sticky feeling. Enjoy the natural, breathable texture that only quality materials can offer.

Futon FAQs

How do shipping and returns work?

• We offer free shipping within the United States.
• For international orders, additional charges apply.

Delivery Period
• Typically, delivery takes about 14 days from the shipping date.
• Once your item is shipped, we'll send you a tracking number via email so you can monitor your delivery.

Country of Delivery
• We primarily ship to the United States.
• For orders outside the US, please contact us directly.

• Your futon will arrive vacuum-packed and compressed.
• After opening, it will expand back to its original thickness. Any wrinkles are normal and not a defect.
• On a dry, sunny day, hang the futon out for about 2 hours on each side. This will help it become fluffy and soft.

• If you receive a defective product, contact us within 7 business days of receiving it.
• Please note that we can only accept returns for defective items.

For more details, please check our Shipping Policy and Return Policy.

How do I keep my futon fresh and clean?

• Use a cover or sheet to protect your futon.
• Wash covers and sheets regularly.
• Air out your futon in the sunlight, or use a futon dryer.
• The sun's warmth and light help restore the futon's fluffiness and resilience.
• After airing, give it a gentle shake to remove any dust.

How do I store my futon to avoid mold?

Store your futon in a dry place. Before putting it away for an extended period, ensure it's completely dry and remove the sheets. Remember to air it out regularly to keep it fresh even if you're not using it.

How do I clean my futon without damaging it?

If your futon gets dirty, spot-clean the stains and dry it thoroughly. It's not machine washable, so please take it to a dry cleaner or futon specialist. For more details on handling stains, check out our FAQ.

Find Your Perfect Futon Size

Designed for Comfort

Our futon mattresses use state-of-the-art materials and construction to ensure maximum comfort and support for your spine and joints —even if you're sleeping on the floor.

Why People Choose Our Futons

Pressure-Relieving Support for the Lower Back

Our futons are crafted with a unique diamond quilting technique found in only a few Japanese factories. This special method ensures the cotton inside stays evenly distributed, providing excellent support and evenly distributing body pressure for a comfortable sleep.

100% Cotton for Ultimate Comfort

Unlike polyester, which can get sticky and uncomfortable, our futons use 100% cotton. This natural material offers superior breathability and moisture absorption, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleeping experience.

High Quality at an Affordable Price

We focus on high-quality craftsmanship without the high price tag. By embracing natural fabric variations and adding seams to larger sizes, we maintain affordability without compromising on comfort or functionality. This way, more customers can enjoy the exceptional quality of Japanese futons.

Back Pain? Try Our Futons!

It's taken the pain away from us, and it's saved us! We really recommend it to people who have the same problem as us.

My husband and I had big problems with our lower back before getting this mattress. We felt pain every day in our back and lower back, and my husband couldn't sleep on any side; he felt numbness in his hands and feet.

It had been a long time, and then I found this mattress. I removed the foam mattress and put it on our bed, and then we got our first great sleep night. There was no pain in the morning; it was amazing; the mattress saved us.

Jasmine Zz

I've had it for one night, and already, my back pain has improved. I did get a generic buckwheat pillow and tatami mats to go under it. I have a generic comforter from Amazon. The mattress itself is not super thick like US beds, but the firmness is what I need.

I plan to fold the mattress each night to help prevent mold from growing. I also bought a protector and sheets.

I am 5'6" and 220 pounds. I have had back injuries from when I was a firefighter. It already is improved from sleeping on the mattress.

Catie Smith

It took a while for my body to adjust, but I find the futon mattress so comfortable now. I find myself sleeping on my back, unlike I used to.

I have noticed that my lower back and core feel stronger with fewer aches, and my posture has improved. The king size is great because we have plenty of room.

I sleep pretty well and feel rested when I wake up. However, I used to sleep horribly on our old Sealy mattress.


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Using and Maintaining Your Futon

Learn More
  • Before Use

    1. Placement: Place your futon on a tatami mat, a bed mattress, flooring without gaps, or a bed frame without slats. Tatami mats are ideal as they absorb moisture and have antibacterial properties, keeping your futon fresh.
    2. Protection: Always use sheets with your futon to protect it from dirt and stains. Wash and change your sheets at least weekly

  • After-Use

    1. Moisture Management: After use, hang the futon over a couple of chairs near an open window to allow it to air out and prevent moisture build-up.
    2. Regular Sun Exposure: To keep your futon fresh and dry, we recommend airing it out in the sun once a week.

  • If the Futon is Too Firm

    1. Adjusting Firmness: Firmness preferences vary from person to person. The futon may be too firm initially. If so, try placing it on top of your bed mattress or using two stacked futons.
    2. Reuse Old Futons: When you replace your futon after about three years, you can place the old futon underneath the new one for added cushioning instead of discarding it.

About Us

At Fuli Japan, we are dedicated to creating a cozy and healthy sleeping space with our authentic, made-in-Japan products. Our goal is to enhance the quality of your life, one peaceful night at a time.