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TATAMI Prodacts

How to care

Colors may vary slightly due to the natural materials.

FULI's TATAMI is finished by dyeing safe natural igsa grown in Kumamoto, Kyushu with natural mud. The slight difference in color that appears depending on the part of the grass used (edge or center) will change into a tasteful personality the more you use it.

Please use rush products in a clean environment.

In particular, TATAMI that are bluish when purchased are highly nutritious & susceptible to mold growth. Make sure you keep your room clean to eliminate dirt that causes mold. If TATAMI is left in a dirty place, it will absorb odors and moisture, causing color unevenness.

Excessive indoor humidity is strictly prohibited for TATAMI.

Japanese TATAMI can grow mold under unsanitary conditions, just like perishables. TATAMI absorbs moisture easily, so use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to lower the temperature & humidity in the room to dry it, ventilate the room once a day so that the air does not stagnate.

Don't run on the TATAMI as it may slip & you may fall.

The back of TATAMI is made of non-woven fabric and doesn't have anti-slip measures. If TATAMI slips and moves, it is dangerous for both the person running & person on top of it to fall, so please don't run on TATAMI.

Store TATAMI in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Storing TATAMI in a humid, hot and humid place, or in direct sunlight may cause uneven color, damage, odor, or mold. TATAMI is a natural fiber that breathes, so store it in a cool, well-ventilated place as much as possible.

Difference between TATAMI and TATAMI yoga mat

The TATAMI yoga mat is a size suitable for yoga, and the surface rush is finished with a weave that enhances grip, and the back uses PVC rubber, which is also used for yoga mats. As it is a natural material, please take care of it in the same way as TATAMI.

TATAMI Maintenance

This contains answers to frequently asked questions from customers.
If you have any other questions, please contact customer support from the contact page.

About the TATAMI Mattress

What materials are used in TATAMI mattresses? Woven using safe natural igsa grown in Kumamoto, Kyushu.
We also use cotton or hemp threads for the warp, and all materials are returned to the soil.Natural igsa is an eco-friendly material that returns to the soil.
The back side of TATAMI is made of non-woven fabric.
The rim of TATAMI is finished with polyester material so that it does not get damaged easily when carried.

Is TATAMI environmentally friendly? Since the rug is dyed with natural mud without the use of chemical coloring agents, it can contribute to carbon neutrality and is friendly to people and the global environment.
Since the rush on the surface is a natural fiber, it can be decomposed by microorganisms and returned to the soil.

Does TATAMI change color? Even if purchased at the same time, the color may differ slightly due to natural fibers. This is because it varies depending on the part of the grass used (such as the edge or the middle).
The fragrant beauty of a new TATAMI is wonderful, but it is also a real pleasure to enjoy the beautiful texture change of TATAMI that has been used.

Is life with TATAMI good for your body? Yes! The natural rush used in TATAMI is a healthy material that absorbs humidity when it is humid and releases it when the room is dry, and also absorbs nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. is. Other positive effects have also been reported. 1. Air purification...Excellent adsorption of "formaldehyde" and "nitrogen dioxide", and adsorbs harmful substances.
2.Heat retention and heat insulation... The sponge structure keeps you warm even in winter, and the humidity control effect is outstanding!
3.Relaxation effect... Vanillin, the fragrance component of domestic rush, has a calming effect similar to forest bathing.
4.Sleep effect: It has the effect of improving sleep efficiency. (Kyushu University Research ©).
5. Concentration up... You can concentrate and improve your learning effect. (Kitakyushu City University Morita Research ©)
6. Antibacterial effect...Antibacterial effect against ringworm that causes athlete's foot, microorganisms that cause foot odor, and E. coli O157 has also been reported. (Professor Morita, 2020 lecture material ©)

How do you use TATAMI? 1. Place TATAMI under FUTON for a restful sleep.
2. You can use it as a fragrant natural rug!
3. Part of the room is covered with TATAMI to create an oriental Japanese-style space.
4. It has a calming scent like forest bathing, and is also good for meditation!
5. With moderate elasticity, it can be used safely even in places where the elderly and small children are present.
5. Create a quiet space by absorbing unnecessary sounds and shocks.
6. Lie down barefoot and create a space to stretch out and take a nap.
7. It can be compactly folded into 3 pieces, so it can be used by minimalists.
8. You can freely create your own coordinated space.
6. Temporary outdoor use is possible if there is no need to worry about humidity!

Can I put a carpet on top of TATAMI? TATAMI breathes, so it is better not to put carpets on top.

Is there a non-slip backing? The back is made of non-woven fabric and has no anti-slip measures.
Do not run on TATAMI, as it is dangerous if TATAMI slides and moves.

Does TATAMI grow mold? Japanese igsa tatami mats can grow mold under unsanitary conditions, just like perishables.
In particular, TATAMI, which has a bluish color when purchased, is prone to mold growth because the rush is rich in nutrients.
TATAMI easily absorbs moisture, so excessive humidity in the room is strictly prohibited.
As a countermeasure, lower the indoor temperature and humidity with an air conditioner or dehumidifier.
Make sure to clean the room to eliminate food for mold.
It is important to ventilate the room once a day so that the air in the room does not stagnate.

I spilled water on TATAMI! Since "rush" absorbs moisture, if left as it is, the color will become uneven. Wipe off immediately so that no moisture remains.

My pet peeed on TATAMI! ! Since "rush" absorbs moisture, if left as is, the color will become uneven and the odor will permeate.
Absorb the moisture immediately and wipe with a damp cloth that has been tightly squeezed.
Then wipe it dry with a dry cloth and place it in a well-ventilated place to evaporate the moisture.

I want to erase the traces of the table legs on the TATAMI. Lightly mist the recessed area, place a wet towel on top, and iron over it.

Is it reversible? The back side is made of non-woven fabric, so use it face up.

How do you store it when not in use? Store in a dry place out of the sun.

When is the time to buy a new TATAMI? If the surface of the tatami mat is damaged, the clothes are covered with burrs, or if the uneven surface becomes severe, or if there are gaps between the tatami mats, we recommend that you replace a new TATAMI.

Is it possible to make a custom size? Yes. It is possible. We will provide an estimate upon consultation.
Please contact customer support.


What is the difference from TATAMI? The TATAMI YOGA mat has a size suitable for YOGA and is finished with a weave that enhances grip assuming various poses. The reverse side is made of non-slip PVC rubber, which is also used for yoga mats.

Only one design? In addition to the first design of Mt.Fuji & SAKURA, we plan to develop various design motifs in the future. *If you would like to receive new product information as soon as possible, please register on the FULI's mailing list .