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Tatami where Japanese tradition lives

Japanese people lived with TATAMI since ancient times. Since the Heian period (794-), TATAMI had a history of being used to make welcome nobles and guests.
The atmosphere created by TATAMI, which gets better the more it is used, is still loved by Japanese people.

We manufacture high quality and eco-friendly TATAMI mats using the best materials and Japanese craftsmanship to suit the American lifestyle.


Uses 100% Japanese Rush

These TATAMIs are made from natural igusa rush harvested in areas traditionally cultivated in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Without using any chemical coloring agents, craftsmen carefully dye with natural mud & manufacture each one.

Creating relaxing space

TATAMI's rush contains vanillin, which is an herbal fragrance component, It has a calming & relaxing effect similar to forest bathing.TATAMI, which brings tranquility to the space, is effective in creating spaces for yoga and meditation.

Warmth & Coolness

The natural rush TATAMI keeps warm in the winter & cool in the summer, so they can be used as a comfortable rug.TATAMI has moderate cushioning properties, so it can be safely used in places where the elderly and small children are present.

TATAMI can create a modern space with a sense of Japonisme. Please enjoy the world of Japanese aesthetics "wabisabi" and "once-in-a-lifetime chance" while drinking delicious tea.

FILI's TATAMI can be compactly folded & carried. It doesn't take up much storage space, it's also recommended for minimalists who want to keep their room neat & tidy.

Tatami mats are made according to the size of the futon and finished by craftsmen using Japanese threads and bonds.Without using any chemical coloring agents, craftsmen carefully dye with natural mud & manufacture each one.


Variations in color and size may occur due to natural materials. Please wipe dry before use.

See here for useful information on using TATAMI for a long time, such as how to deal with mold and other care.

For a comfortable sleep

The scent of TATAMI enhances sleep efficiency, and the moderate elasticity prevents the body from sinking and maintains a good sleeping posture. Enjoy a good night's sleep on a combination of Japanese TATAMI and FUTON.

FULI's FUTON is characterized by its 8inch diagonal diamond-shaped quilting that allows you to enjoy the ultimate plumpness. Even in Japanese futon factories, quilting machines that can sew in 8inches are rare.