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Welcome to FULI Official online store!


In order to join the program, just click "Create a FULI account". Once you have done it, you are welcome to participate in all actions we have prepared for you to earn points.


You can earn points by completing actions listed in rewards tab. Just click on "Rewards" tab to see the list of activities available for you to take part.


Its very simple and straightforward. Just click on "Rewards" tab and you will see the list of all discounts you can redeem your points for. So you can greatly boost your savings.

FULI Reward program

Create account Reward

Get 5Point Value

For creating account Member will get 5points. Please verify your Email to receive your reward. Reward credited after 15days.

Birthday Reward

$5 Gift card

For celebrating your birthday! Member will get $5gift card. Enter your birth date so we can cheer you on your Birthday!

Place order Reward

Get 1 point for every $10 spent

Earn point for your order. Points will be credited to the member's account 15days after the purchase is confirmed.

Review rewards

Write a review of your purchase and earn 1point. You can get 2points for reviews with photos.Points will be credited to your account after 15days.

Refe a your friend

Reward all your friends who buy with your link! Your friend will receive a $5gift card. If a friend buys it, you can get a $15 discount.

Redeem Points

Redeem your points for discounts
・100Points Price $10 Discount
・500Points Price $50 Discount
・1000Points Price $100 Discount

News Letter subscribe Reward

You can get new products & exclusive offers! Subscribe to newsletter & 1point get!(credited after 15days)

Points expiration 360days

Members will be notified when points are about to expire.Use your points before they expire.

Cancel offer

Cancel offer if financial status is refunded.Offer will be canceled if financial status is invalid.