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Tatami Mattress (100% Japanese Rush) -Queen-

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Size: Queen
Item Firmness Description: Firm
Product Dimensions: 79"L x 59"W x 0.5"Th
Material: 100% Rush Grass (Grown in Japan)
Color: Natural

Age Range (Description) : Adult
Construction Type: weave
Product Care Instructions: Please use our rush products in a clean environment. Keep the room dry and well ventilated.

About this item
・Enjoy the look, smell and feel of these traditional Japanese rugs. We use the highest-quality rushes and Japanese traditional methods handed passed down many years to delicately craft each tatami mat individually.

・Tatami is made from rushes, a natural material, so it can regulate humidity. Because it contains a lot of air, it has excellent heat insulation and keeps the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

・Our tatami mat provides firm cushioning, allowing for enough comfort and stability. For added comfort, use our tatami mat with a futon.

・Japanese tatami mat absorbs moisture, sweat and odor, leaving the air feeling clean and fresh. Its rush material provides natural humidity control and air purification.

・A hard mattress helps keep your back and body straight and the spine neutral while you are sleeping. The same benefits apply to sleeping on the floor or with a tatami mat or Japanese rugs.

・Our tatami mat remains thin and compact even when folded into three. Easily lean it against a corner or put it into storage. Maximize the space of your bedroom, and have a comfy bed to sleep on.

・Good futon and good tatami mats for a good sleep. Tatami mats bring the wonderful, calming feeling of being surrounded by nature. Would you like to experience a "Japanese bedroom" using tatami mats and futons?

・[Cautions for use] Variations in color and size may occur due to natural materials.
Please use our rush products in a clean environment. Keep the room dry and well ventilated.

・Please avoid running around on the item to prevent slipping and falling. Store in a cool place to avoid humidity and heat.



Uses 100% Japanese Rush

These TATAMIs are made from natural igusa rush harvested in areas traditionally cultivated in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Without using any chemical coloring agents, craftsmen carefully dye with natural mud & manufacture each one.

Creating a relaxing space

TATAMI's rush contains vanillin, which is an herbal fragrance component, and has a calming and relaxing effect similar to forest bathing. When spread out, it absorbs unwanted sounds, so it is effective for creating a relaxing space for yoga or meditation.

Natural warmth & coolness

The natural rush keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. TATAMI has moderate cushioning properties, so it can be safely used in places where the elderly and small children are present.

TATAMI is easy to carry, so you can enjoy various layouts by combining different sizes.

How to care for TATAMI, Check here!

Can be used as a set with a FUTON

It can be used in various variations such as matching with the same size or combining with different sizes.

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If you purchase the same size futon, sheets (2 sets), and tatami as a set, you will receive a discount.